Amazing facts about Whatsapp

Amazing facts about Whatsapp

WhatsApp has been spread all over the world, let's know about the amazing facts of WhatsApp.
1. WhatsApp Did Not Spend a Penny on Marketing(Advertisement).

Whatsapp was founded by Brian acton and Jan koum, former employees of Yahoo! They strongly disregard advertisements and that's why they neither did invest in the ad since the beginning of the app. They don't have marketing staff. They were concentrating on better user experience rather than an advertisement. The WhatsApp company invested more in the development side to make the Whatsapp most liked messaging platform.

2. Users of Whatsapp opens an app around 23 times a day.

3. Every Minute More than 29 Million Messages are Sent on Whatsapp.

4. 60 Different languages are supported by Whatapp.

5. WhatsApp's programming is done in Erlang programming language about it you may not hear.

6. If you believe that thousands of employees work in WhatsApp, it is not at all. The office of the world's number 1 instant messaging app "Whatsapp", there are still 50 employees.

7. WhatsApp is made for almost all mobile platforms including iOS Symbian, Android, Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone, Nokia Series 40, and Firefox OS.

8. WhatsApp Introduced Voice Messaging in 2013, Afterward many Mobile app development companies followed this trend and add this feature in their app.

9. Whatsapp does not store the user's data.

the company doesn't provide server storage for your messages, unlike skype, Facebook. There's nothing left back on the servers, Once a message gets delivered to your device. You can backup and restore your messages via Google Drive or iCloud.

10. More than 1 billion people use WhatsApp in over 180 countries.

11. The idea of ​​WhatsApp was born to a pizza party at the house of Alex Fishman, a friend of Jan Koum and Brian Acton.

12. Like Wikipedia, ads are not shown on WhatsApp yet.

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13. Google Offered $10 Billion to Purchase Whatsapp.

14. Mark Zuckerberg was so impressed by the popularity of WhatsApp that he bought WhatsApp for $ 19 billion almost double than Google's offer !!!now in splash screen of WhatsApp, we can see "From FACEBOOK".

15. WhatsApp is the third most downloaded app in the world, The first is Facebook, and the second is the Facebook messenger.

16. The net worth of WhatsApp exceeds the GDP of several countries.

17. NASA is worth 17 billion dollars, while WhatsApp was sold for 19 billion US dollars.

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