How can you make money online without investing money and with less time at home [2020]

How can you make money online without investing money and with less time at home [2020]

Making money and being Millionaire or Billionaire is only your dream . Right ? Make money Make money and Make money. Today this line is on everyone's face and this money is such a thing that people can fulfill all their needs. Making money is not as difficult as we think because it is possible to wish for money online today. When you hear about making money online, then it will come to your mind that I will now tell you to make money on YouTube or write a blog or make a website. While this is also true, but the ways that I am going to tell you today, you can earn money instantly. With these methods you will not take much time to earn money because I have also faced such problems, so I understand that after a time our expectations start to break and we feel that this is no longer possible, I followed these methods myself. This is why I am 100% confident that if you work on these platforms, you can earn a lot of money in a very short time.

1 . Blogger

As per Wikipedia :

"↗ Blogger is Blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries."

It was developed by Pyra Labs , which was bought by Google in 2003.

The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of Blogs can also be served from a custom domain owned by the user (like by using DNS facilities to direct a domain to Google's servers. A user can have up to 100 blogs per account.

In Simple Words :

"Blogger is free platform by Google . With the help of it you can directly reach to your customer . You can also use it as your Website . "
You can make blogs on many topics like Health , Beauty , Technology , Mobile , Electronics , General knowledge , Fitness , Cooking and much more.You can earn money by applying ADS on your blogs with the help of Google Adsense . Google Adsense gives Advertisement on your blog and gives  you money on every click . If you have good traffic on your blogs you can earn 10,000 to 15,000 per month very easily....

2 . Online Tutoring Jobs

If you are expert at any subject , then there are lots of opportunities for you on internet . You can apply for online tutoring jobs for different subjects like Spoken English , Music & Dance , Exam preparation  , Design and Multimedia , Technology , Business training and earn money . You can apply on these sites for online tutor jobs :

  1. ↗ Indeed
  2. ↗ Teachernoon
  3. ↗ Naukri
  4. ↗ Bharattutors
  5. ↗ Learnpick
  6. ↗ Teacheron

3 . Freelancing

Freelancer or Freelance worker are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.

Fields, professions, and industries where freelancing is predominant include : music, writing, acting, computer programming, web design, graphic design, translating and illustrating, film and video production and other forms of piece work which some cultural theorists consider as central to the cognitive-cultural economy.

There are many freelancer sites to work as a freelancer :

  1. ↗ Freelancer
  2. ↗ Upwork
  3. ↗ Fiverr
  4. ↗ Servicescape
  5. ↗ Peopleperhour
  6. ↗ Solidgigs

4 . Quora

On hearing the name of QUORA, it comes to your mind that this is a question asking and answering website, so how can we make money from it, but your thinking is absolutely wrong. Think how interesting it is when we used to ask questions in school, then they would show us their eyes, but today we have started getting money to ask questions. For this, first you have to create your account on quora and after that whatever question you have in your mind, you can ask in it or you can answer all the questions you are seeing on quora. The question you ask and people like it, answer it, as well as the upvote it, so you get paid for it. Here you may take a little time like 20 or 30 days because you do not get money from starting. But as soon as you are active on quora, you ask questions, answer them and your questions and answers start to like people, then the team of quora invites you to join their partner program and when you join this program you make a lot of money.

5 . Affiliate Marketing

What is ↗ Affiliate marketing ? I have made an full detailed blog on this . check it out . Click on Affiliate marketing .


When you hear about the app, then first thing comes in your mind is you will have to learn programming language. You should have proper knowledge about coding then you can make app but it is not right . you can make app without any knowledge and you can earn good money from it too. Today, there are many websites through which you can design any apps graphically. We should have only basic knowledge and we will be able to design the whole app as we want by using the drag and drop feature.
  1. ↗ Appypie
  2. ↗ Mobiroller
  3. ↗ Andromo
  4. ↗ Buildfire
  5. ↗ Appsgeyser
After designing the app, you have to create an account of Google AdMob and then place the ads on your apps, but here comes a small problem, if you have to upload your apps on the play store then you have to buy Google Play Console whose costs is $25 and you only have to pay it once, after this your app becomes ready. As soon as people download and use it, then there is a direct benefit to it.

7 . Udemy

↗ Udemy is a very good platform to convert your knowledge into money. You can be an expert in any one work, whether it is video editing, programming, hardware or any other skill in which you are an expert, you can earn a lot of money from udemy on this condition. What you need to do for this, understand with an example. Like I have knowledge of Photoshop and I can teach it to other people. For this, firstly I have to record the course of Photoshop in video format and this course can be in any languages Hindi, English or any other language. After this, you have to upload this course on udemy and along with it, you also have to deside its price, after that your course is live and if people buy it, then it gives you direct profit. In the beginning, I would like to suggest you to keep the course price low and if your rating gradually increases then you can also increase the price of the course.

We have tried in this article to tell you the course of earning money as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions for this, then tell us in the comment section and if you think that this post can be useful to someone, then share this post as well.

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