Tri Internet Package (3) Daily Cheap 3GB Rp. 3000

Tri Internet Package (3) Daily Cheap 3GB Rp. 3000 | Cheap Daily Tri Internet Package . Provider companies are developing very well in Indonesia, as a user you can choose whatever provider is appropriate and in accordance with your wishes and your area. One of the preferred providers is Tri with its advantages, namely the number of programs for telephone and internet as well as low prices.

In addition, the Tri internet package is known for its long active period. For those of you who use internet packages for simple things like communication, it's clear the package will be economical and not take up a lot of quota right? well, if you choose Tri provider then your internet package will be safe for a long period of time.

For those of you who have difficulty using the BIMA application, especially those of you who use mobile phones with standard features and also have difficulty buying direct internet packages, Tri also offers physical voucher purchases at low prices and various bonuses. So you can use this package with a telephone dial code that makes it easy and it definitely works. Can also be used when your quota is really used up and it is difficult to open the application.

Tri Daily Internet Package at a low price is one of the most favored. If other providers do not have a daily program, but Tri has long provided this special program. unfortunately there are also some Tri customers or users who don't know this advantage. Here is a row of cheap daily Tri internet packages that you can buy.

Tri Daily Internet Package Collection

Cheap daily Tri internet packages are indeed made with variety. Besides the active period of 1 day, you can also buy the same package with a longer active period. But for the cheap daily Tri internet package, you can get it in the following internet package.

Tri BB internet package slang

Especially for those who use Blackberry and want to extend media chat that usually requires internet like WhatsApp and also online. This package is unlimited so you can use it freely for 1 day, but the signal is rather slow.

BB Full Daily Tri Internet Package

Don't you want the chat package to work? You can use the full daily tri package that can help you access various content and applications as well as Chrome or the web browser. Usually other providers reduce the features provided but it is different from the full daily internet tri full BB package which does not reduce any features. It's just that the active period is valid for 1 day.

4G Internet package

Next is the 4G internet package that you can use for the internet and various social media. With a Tri internet package of 750 MB the regular quota that will be obtained is 250 MB and the special 4G quota is 500 MB. The price you have to pay is only 5000 rupiahs via dial code * 123 # or via BIMA Tri.

Whatsapp Daily Tri Internet Package

The quota is running low while you have to chat with many people. Moreover, added money is also less to buy a regular internet package. If that happens to you then you can use whatsapp's daily Tri internet package. With a 250MB quota you only spend 2000 rupiah to buy it. Whatsapp you can smoothly back and still be able to chat normally. Unfortunately in this package you cannot use video calls or whatsapp calls.

Daily Tri Movie Internet Package

Want to watch a movie? but not done every day because you are busy. Do not worry because Tri provides a film package with a period of 24 hours or 1 day.

Package Quota ClickFilm Access Time Price
1 day To your heart's content Rp10.000,-
1 day MovieMax (500MB) 500 MB 1 day Rp5.000,-
MovieMax++ 300 MB 300 MB 1 day Rp12.000,-Nite Quota daily Tri internet package. But this night package you can only enjoy when it's midnight ie 00.00 to 06.00. For the daily internet package Tri Moviemax has longer hours, 00.00-09.00 am. By registering the same way using * 123 # or by using the BIMA application.
The next internet package that you can enjoy is the Netmax 3 GB daily Tri internet package at a price of 5000 only. This package can be enjoyed only from 00.00 to 09.00. By using this quota you can enjoy various benefits ranging from watching to the internet.

Tri Kuota ++ Regular Internet Package

The first cheap daily Tri internet package you can buy is regular Kuota ++. Where this program has been around for a long time and is provided specifically for Tri users who just want to be daily, but don't want too much quota.

Kuota ++ Movie Quota The period of validity Price
20 MB 1 day Rp2.000, -
35 MB 1 day Rp3.000, -
80 MB 1 day Rp5.000,-
135 MB 1 day Rp7,000
300 MB 1 day Rp10.000,-
650 MB 1 day Rp20.000,-
1.25 GB 1 day Rp33.000, -
2 GB 1 day Rp45.000,-
2.25 GB Following the Active Period of the Card Rp50,000, -
4.25 GB 1 day Rp85.000,-
9 GB 1 day Rp150.000,-

As the name suggests quota ++ this only increases your quota every day and increases the active period of your card. If there is a film quota, it can be used freely at Klikfilm and is also valid for 3 days, except for the 300MB purchase package which can only be valid for 1 day. For registration or purchase you can use the dial code * 123 # or directly buy in the BIMA application.

Cheap Daily Tri Internet Package

Tri's daily internet package does have advantages and disadvantages. Every internet package you choose certainly has weaknesses and strengths too, especially for those of you who only need one or two days, this package can help you. Usually if the quota runs out less than the specified time but you do not want to buy another package.

In addition, the weaknesses that will be obtained from the daily package are signals that are not as fast as the monthly or one-year packages. But do not worry, because that does not mean Tri will hamper your communication or internet usage. All can operate smoothly and also according to your wishes.

1. SMS Code Package of 2GB Rp1500

This package has a validity period of 1 day with a quota of 2GB divided by 2 types of packages including 1.5GB used for the night quota at 00.00 - 09.00 WIB and the remaining 500MB can be used within 24 hours.

Format SMS:

WANT 2GB1HAR send to 234.
To unsubscribe from an SMS form:

STOP 2GBAUR and send to 234.
2. SMS Code Package 2.5GB Rp2000
This package is also the same as the validity period of 1 day with the separation of 1.75GB quota used at 00.00 - 09.00 WIB and 750MB is used for 24 hours straight.

Format SMS:

WANT 2.5GB1HAR shipping to 234.
To unsubscribe from an SMS form:

STOP 2.5GBAUR and send to 234.
3. 3GB Package SMS Code 3,000
And the last one is 3GB which is pretty big right? This package can be used at 00.00 - 09.00 with a 2GB quota and the remaining 1GB is used 24 hours.

Format SMS:

WANT 3GB1HAR send to 234.
To unsubscribe from an SMS form:

STOP 3GBAUR and send to 234.
Well, the data above is a Tri cheap daily internet data package that you can use in areas that have been reached by 3 (Three / Tri) Indonesian providers as of August 2018. The information above is not fixed and can change according to company regulations.

But you do not worry because usually companies will inform about changes or even additions related to packages that are increasingly cheap and diverse. Please visit Tri Indonesia officially at  or access the BimaTRI application   through your smartphone, nowadays it's very easy and sophisticated right?

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