What is Blog and How to start Blog ?

What is Blog and How to start Blog ?

You must have often heard that many people are doing a lot of good online earning by creating a blog, you must have also thought that what is this blog and what is blogging, can a blog really do online earning and if yes So what are the things you need to know to create a blog and how to create a blog, you will get answers to all these questions in this post.

What is Blog ?

In olden times, many people used to love to write their daily experiences in a diary, they used to note daily events on the same day's page of the diary, along with information on this page, date and time were also written. Time changed and the era of the Internet came. In the year 2003, Google launched a free platform on which you could digitally share your daily experiences and thoughts on the Internet, Blog is called sharing your thoughts on the Internet. Blogger.com is made with the help of Python Programming Language.
In which you can write your daily activities, news related to any topic, interesting and useful information and your thoughts, the person writing Blog is called Blogger, and the act of writing blogs is called Blogging.

Now is the time for Blogging

Many people have chosen Blogging as their carer. You not only make money in blogging but also make fame. It is said that no one gets the dream job, name, and money together, but we can get all together in Blogging.
Blogger is a platform where you can go far ahead by choosing the topic you want, you just need to have diligence and patience in your mind.
Everything is possible here if you have a good idea, then you can also make a career in blogging.

How to make money from Blogging?

Let's understand this from the beginning, it is a complete Eco System. In this, many people depend on each other. Advertisers have been using different methods to run any business or to make their business information available to the customer.
Initially, advertisements were shown on News Paper, Magazine, Radio and Television, these platforms were chosen because they had access to millions of people, but there was a problem that any advertisement which was shown had access to every person. The person who should be shown also saw the advertisement and the one who did not want to see it also saw in today's language what we call interest-based advertising i.e. advertisements are shown only to those in which the person is interested.

Advertisement is a way to earn money

Things changed after the arrival of the Internet. Now advertisers started resorting to the Internet to show advertisements. In order to show ads here, Google designed an Ads Platform on which any advertiser could give their advertisement in a very low budget. And could only show those people for whom that ad was created. The name of this Ads Platform was Google Adwords, which is currently known as Google Adsense.

Google used to show ads on its Home Page which were coming from Google Ad-Words. The reason for this was that millions of people used to search on Google, due to this the interest of advertisers increased in showing ads on Google.

Partnership with Google

Now the thing to be seen here was that Google only shows links of other websites in its search, it does not have any content of its own, but since Blogger was a platform of Google itself, Therefore, Google decided that it would now show ads coming from advertisers on Blogger as well so that Bloggers will also have an income and their trend will move towards Blogging, Google gives some part of the income from advertising to Blogger and keeps some portion with itself.

What is Adsense and how does it work?

To place an advertisement on a blog, every blogger has to register their blog for Adsense Account Approval on Google's Adsense service. After that the Google Adsense team reviews the blog, for which it follows the guidelines made by Google, if your blog follows all the terms of Google, then your Google Adsense Account is approved, which will start your earning. And after completing at least 100 $, payment is sent to your bank account.

This benefits everyone; the advertiser can reach more people on a lower budget. Google benefits both you and itself by partnering with you  And people see ads they like.

How to start Blogging ?

How to start if you don't have money

If you are thinking that you need to invest a lot to do blogging, it is not so. You can also create a free blog by going to Google's Free Blogging Platform and start blogging from today. When you start free blogging, then you will be able to do all the work that a professional blogger does. You Will also have to compromise but it is not bad for a free start.

When to purchase Domain name and Template?

When you create a free blog on Google's platform, then Blogger's Subdomain Blogspot.com is connected behind your domain name. But if you want to have your own domain, then you can add it with a custom domain, for which you will have to spend from 300 to 1000 rupees annually. You can always run your blog every year only by getting Domain Renew. With this, if you have a little more budget, then you can also buy a good Premium Blog Template, for which you have to spend only once, this gives a professional look to your blog, the price of Premium Blog Template ranges from Rs. 500 to 3000, if you spend on the Domain name and Template, then you can create a professional blog in about Rs. 4000.

  • ↗ What is Domain Name? 👈
  • ↗ What is Subdomain? 👈

When to get Webhosting?

If you feel that now you have learned how to do blogging very well and your blog is also getting good traffic (people who are reading blogs) then you have to decide whether to buy web hosting or not. I would like to tell Those who are not aware of Web Hosting that whatever content you upload on the Internet, whether it is Text, Image, or Video, it is uploaded to a server that is connected to the Internet for 24 hours on Blogger. Using Google's Free Web Hosting, which has some limitations, if you want to create a custom professional website, then it cannot be created on Blogger's Free Platform, for this, you will have to buy Web Hosting.

There are three types of web hosting based on website support.
  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Dedicated Web Hosting
  3. Virtual Private Server
Hosting costs can range from Rs 5000 to Rs 200000 per year.
  • How to buy Web Hosting?

Choose the best Blogging platform

After taking the hosting, you have to choose the Best Blogging Platform for which WodPress.Org is a Best CMS (Content Management System). More than 30 percent of the blogs and websites around the world are made on WodPress.Org, you don't need much knowledge of web designing while creating a blog on WordPress.Here you get a lot of Premium Themes and Free Plugins that add extra features to your blog, which makes your web designing work very easy so that all your attention is kept towards Blogging.
  • What is WordPress?

Why does Professional choose Blogger WordPress?

So what is it in WordPress that most websites in the world are made on WordPress, for example, if you feel like eating pizza, there are 3 ways :

  1. First, you understand the recipe for making pizza yourself and then collect all its ingredients and then make pizza
  2. The second way is to go to a pizza maker and order them, what kind of pizza you want and then enjoy it later it can be a little expensive.
  3. The third way is to go to the market and buy ready-made pizza, bring it home, heat it and eat it.
In the same way, if you want to create a website for yourself, then first you have to learn web designing professionally then you will be able to create a website, The second way is you will go to a web designer and tell him all the things that you want in the website, for which he will charge a good fee and will make a website for you. You have to contact him for updates from time to time. The third way is to go to WordPress. Attach your domain and hosting there. Create a website, you don't need to do much. There are a lot of plugins you already find there. 

If You want to make a website related to anything, you don't need to learn any programming, you don't need to learn any web designing, all the things are available on WordPress.

What is Content Writing ?

"Content is anything that ads value to reader's life".

Bought a place, built a shop, and decorated it, but now whether the shop will run or not is dependent on what types of goods you keep in your store and what are the qualities. In the same way, whether a blog will run or not depends on the quality of its content.

Google always says that "Content is King" means that if your blog content, which you also call a blog post, has power, then your website design and other things do not matter, it will always impress the reader to read the blog. And Google always keeps those blogs top in search whose content people like.means, this is a very important subject, let us know which things affect your reader the most, All other shortcomings disappear with time.

Content Writing Tips

  1. People always like unique and effective content on any topic, in which detailed information is given on every topic.
  2. Creating content according to the theme of the blog and understanding the interest of your readers is also very important. If you do not know that the readers who come to your blog are interested in which thing, then you will not be able to write a correct content for which you can use Google Analytics service, so that you will know from where the reader coming to your blog and what is his age or what language does he speak, besides this, you will get a lot more information from here.
  3. Select Topic according to the time, learn how to do Keyword Research, means, you can get more and more readers by writing the articles on trending news or information so write an article on the trending topic.
  4. Create interesting ideas to get the attention of the readers, do a little research that your readers have shown the most interest in your old articles, and choose those topics.
  5. There should also be links of your other old articles related to new articles in your blog so that your readers stay on your blog for more time while reading articles, you can also give suggestions of such articles to your readers who are seen most on your blog.
  6. Articles should be in clean and clear language, ie you should know that what you are saying is understandable or not. If you are unable to explain what you are saying, then you write a long, wide article, it also will not help.

Get knowledge about SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

  • ↗ What is SEO ?

When you create a blog website, its success depends on how many readers it gets and most of the readers use a search engine like Google to find any topic.means, they put any keyword on google, Google searches that keyword in all blogs and websites, if that keyword is found in your blog, then Google sends that reader to your blog, for this Google will search some special things in your blog article. For which Google has created a Guideline called ↗ Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
For more information about the SEO, you can read this post: Search Engine Optimization 👈
Keep in mind you cannot achieve success in blogging in 1 day, you have to focus constantly on blogging, search engine optimization and content writing, as well as making your blog posts accessible to people on social media. Blogging is not easy but if you are determined once, then blogging cannot be saved from you, you will definitely get success in it in 1 day but for that, it is also necessary to work with constant hard work and patience.

Hope you have understood what is a blog, how to earn money from blogging, what are the things required for blogging, budget, domain name and template, Web hosting, what is content writing and Search Engine Optimization, I hope you have liked this information so much if you like this information, then share it with your friends and also increase the information of others, have a good day. Thank you.

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